Around 1960, a dedicated group of students and families from Hong Kong and Taiwan started a Bible Study Fellowship in Madison, Wisconsin. They met on campus in the Union South Student Center (now demolished). As the fellowship grew, Sunday worships were started in a basement rented from the Luther Memorial Church on University Avenue.
MCCC was formally established on January of 1986 while still worshipping in the Luther Memorial Church. This was followed by the calling of the first pastor, Stephen Ho to MCCC in July of 1986.
As MCCC expanded in attendance, GOD opened up an opportunity for us to purchase our own building and moved into our current location in November of 1987. Generous no-interest loans by several brothers and sisters contributed to making this possible. Our location in the midst of campus is perfect for student ministry, yet proximity to the suburban areas means easy access to working families as well. Pastor Ho served in our new church till 1990.
In 1995, Rev Rolando Gan was called to serve in MCCC. The number of fellowships (meeting different language and age needs) grew to nine in 1999, and two pastors were recruited to join MCCC. Rev Gan and the two pastors left MCCC between 2003 and 2004. In December of 2008, Pastor James Chang was called to serve in MCCC. His ministry lasted till January of 2010.
In May of 2010 we entered into a partnership with and has since opened our church to an English congregation (Providence Presbyterian Church) for English worships. This provides our second-generation children with solid gospel messages every Sunday as well as youth group nurturing. In November of the same year Rev Iho Tree was called to serve in MCCC part-time, to be converted to full-time in June of 2011. Rev Iho Tree retired 31 October 2022.
In January 2021, MCCC joined the Denomination of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) and became a Chinese congregation under the Providence Presbyterian Church (PPC). Together, MCCC and PPC share the same building and mutually interact to glorify the Gospel.
In May 2021, Joseph Wan graduated with a Master of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson Mississippi and started to serve in our church as an intern. In October 2022, Joseph Wan was ordained and installed as our new pastor.
MCCC is now driven by systematic teaching at the fellowship level and gospel preaching at the pulpits. The kingdom of GOD is thus being built up as commanded, through the finished work of Christ, by the power of the Word, and in attendance by the Holy Spirit. May all glory be to GOD!
WHAT WE BELIEVE?Our beliefs are deeply rooted in the inspired word of God.  The Bible is our only rule for faith and practice and therefore defines both what we believe and how we live.  The Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century rediscovered many Biblical truths that had been neglected for centuries.  By recapturing the authority of the Scriptures, the Reformed Churches returned to loving God with heart, soul, strength and mind, and to loving neighbor as ourselves.
A mature statement of Reformation commitments is found in the Westminster Standards – the Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.  Composed in the 1640’s in Puritan England, these documents are the high water mark of the Reformation.  In short, our church believes in:
God’s Sovereign GraceFallen mankind is dead in trespasses and sins, but God is rich in mercy.  In His amazing love, He has chosen out a people for Himself through Christ in eternity past.  In the fullness of time He sent His only begotten Son to live, to die and to rise again for the salvation of the elect.  What Christ accomplished, the Holy Spirit effectually applies as He regenerates and sanctifies sinners into saints.  Because God perseveres with us, we will persevere with Him.
God’s Redemptive PlanThe Bible is the revelation God’s redemptive plan, centering on the incarnation, life, ministry, teaching, miracles, sufferings, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.  Through the completed obedience of Christ, God has purchased men for Himself.  We now belong to Him as adopted children in His family, and as citizens in His glorious kingdom.
God’s Covenantal DealingsAnother major feature of our Reformed belief is the concept of covenant.  Although men owe obedience to their Creator, they could never enjoy a right relationship with Him apart from a voluntary condescension on His part.  God is pleased to stoop to man and deal covenantally with His creatures.  All men are in covenant with God, either through Adam in the covenant of works, or through Christ in the covenant of grace.  In the new covenant we experience the full measure of God’s covenant love.  In brief, we are His and He is ours and His banner over us is love!  Our lives are henceforth to express grateful obedience, leading us to ever deeper fellowship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
God’s Redemption AppliedBecause of God’s mercy and grace, we are made alive together with Christ.  As our first response to His sovereign initiative, we repent of our sins and embrace Jesus Christ as He is offered to us in the gospel.  Being united to Christ by faith, we enjoy justification.  Our sins are imputed to Christ, and His righteousness is imputed to us – we are acceptable in the Beloved!  We are also adopted into His family and made “co-heirs together with Christ!”  He sanctifies us – both definitively and progressively.  Slowly but surely we are remade according to the image of our Savior.  And eventually we will be glorified and invited into the full enjoying of God for all eternity.  He who began a good work will continue it until the day of Christ’s Second Coming.